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Frustrated With Never Having Enough Money?
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Learn to succeed so you can make a difference in the world!
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"Way to go with the 7 PERFECT Steps to Success. Based on biblical principles of success! Much respect to you."           Dean Cain (Superman on "Lois and Clark")

"Congratulations on your book. Love it, love it. You're just an amazing guy. I really appreciate what you are doing."       Kevin Sorbo (Star of "Hercules")
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What is "7 PERFECT Steps to Success"?

7 PERFECT Steps to Success is not just another "how to" book on motivation. Though, once you read it, you WILL be motivated.

It is NOT a get rich scheme. Though using these steps can certainly make you rich.

It is NOT about going through steps that make you feel good but never accomplish anything. However, once you achieve your goals using these steps, you WILL feel good. You'll feel GREAT!

7 PERFECT Steps to Success IS about leveraging your natural abilities with laws laid down thousands of years ago that ALWAYS work when properly applied. The 7 PERFECT Steps to Success are to success what the laws of physics are to gravity and electricity - they are laws that must work.

Listen to What Celebrities Are Saying!
Dean Cain (Superman from the hit TV show "Lois and Clark") talks about "7 PERFECT Steps to Success!"
Kevin Sorbo (Star of the hit TV show "Hercules") talks about "7 PERFECT Steps to Success!"

OK, so, how cool is it that Superman AND Hercules are talking about Bob's book!?
Learn how you can accomplish what God has placed in your heart.

Hi, I’m Bob, founder of Life Changers 180. If you want to know how to succeed using tested biblical truths, then you need this book. You will learn how to be successful in 7 Steps. 

You will know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how to achieve your God-given dream. Learn how to overcome fear, worry, and 

Have you tried reading the "success" books only to find a bunch of new age ramblings? Or, are you tired of the "prosperity gospel" popular today? Have I got just the thing for you! My new book, 7 PERFECT Steps to Success, is a biblical study on God's laws of success. 

Get my book FREE (7 PERFECT Steps to Success) to help you specifically with how you can achieve your dream business through sound biblical principles. 

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So, just to recap, you’re getting the 7 PERFECT Steps to Success book for FREE. It will help you with how you can achieve your dreams (including WHY YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL )... which means you can finally stop struggling with not knowing how to achieve your business dreams. And, it does this through a sound biblical process.

Just fill out the form on this page.

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See How 7 PERFECT Steps to Success Changed Robin's Life:
7 PERFECT Steps to Success has been a road map to my success. At first, it was just a way to get my business off the ground. But, it became far more than that. It took me from merely having an idea, to wanting to make changes in my life, to making a plan, and taking action.
“After implementing the 7 PERFECT Steps to Success in my business, I was able to focus on my health and lose 100 pounds in 18 months and land on the cover of Woman’s Day Magazine (I'm the one on the right!).

“Not only did I use these steps to help me start my own business and get in shape, I was able to improve my credit score by 333 points in 12 months and develop an entrepreneur mindset in my daughter."

Robin Strempek
Fitness Buff

Here's What People Are Saying...
"I realized, this weekend, there's more. There's more that I want. My dream already grew." Krystal
"Taking my dreams and getting them on paper. Making them into reality!" Joshua
"What I learned gave me more of an insight on how to set goals." Lori
What People Are Saying About "7 PERFECT Steps to Success" On..
Inside 7 PERFECT Steps to Success, here are a few of the secrets you'll be given for FREE:
  • How does the size of your dream effect your ability to accomplish it? pg. 22
  •  What are the three laws of the conscious and subconscious that you can leverage to begin accomplishing your dreams today!? pg. 25-26  
  •  Learn the7 strategic areas of your lifewhere success can be achieved. pg. 30 
  •  What are the proper applications of SMART goals? pg. 31
  •  The secret to knowing, beyond the shadow of a doubt, why we CAN be successful. pg. 41-42 
  •  Learn the 3 steps for dealing with ANY fear. pg. 43-51 
  •  Learn the "one thing" you can do to develop complete faith in yourself. pg. 51 
  •  An easy way to discover your special intelligence and how to leverage that for your success. pg. 53 
  •  A confidence-building technique I thought was silly, but really works. pg. 54 
  •  A little-known technique for helping your children grow their confidence. pg. 55 
  •  The biblical basis for positive affirmations. pg. 65-69 
  •  The simple, psychological reasons positive affirmations work. pg. 69 
  •  Learn the "rules" for making highly effective affirmations that really work. pg. 70 
  •  The critical reason YOU need a vision board. pg. 74 
  •  Why sharing your dream with others moves it to reality. pg. 75 
  • How your childhood directly affects the success of your affirmations and what you can do about it. pg. 76
  • The 3 things you MUST know to be successful. pg. 87
  • How to pick the coach who is perfect for you. pg. 92
  • Know how to choose a great mentor. pg. 94
  • What is better for YOU: teacher, coach, or mentor? pg. 95
  • The 6 most important reasons you need a plan to be successful. pg. 104
  • How to tie your SMART goals into an effective plan. pg. 108
  • What is the one plan that is more important than any other plan you can create? pg. 110
  • How to plan for keeping your dream once you accomplish it. pg. 114
  • Learn the reason a tactical plan will keep you on track for success and how to leverage it. pg. 119
  • What are the 4 reasons we are afraid to start on our dream and how to get around them? pg. 132-133
  • What are the 4 steps (that ALWAYS work) you can use to launch your dream? pg. 133
  • Identify the 2 reasons we use to not start on our dreams and how to avoid them. pg. 137
  • Learn how the Success Curve is tied to depression and how to minimize the affects. pg. 146
  • What is the one most important thing you can do to guarantee success? pg. 159
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